SUPPERFESTA @ Toronto Fringe 2013

The Toronto Fringe Festival is an annual theatre festival, featuring plays by unknown/known artists that take place in the theatres of Toronto. I was luck enough to help a friend with a poster for her play. SUPPERFESTA is a comedic play by Natasha Boomer. Its about Betty and Dean who have been in love (they think) for 15 years. When Betty finds out her sister Rose has been hiding her new boyfriend, she throws a dinner party to meet Tim. The dinner becomes a place where you may or may not wear pants and things get set on fire. 

SUPPERFESTA is playing at Robert Gill on these dates:

July 04 08:15 PM

July 07 12:00 PM

July 08 10:30 PM

July 09 06:15 PM

July 11 10:30 PM

July 12 02:15 PM

July 14 04:30 PM

Check it out :)